How do you choose the right photographer for your Event?

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Your company’s special moments deserve to be preserved in professional photographs. It’s our job to capture and immortablise those signficant events.

Hiring the right photographer for your event ensures that those moments are perfectly preserved. So how can you make sure you find the right photographer to curate your important event?

We recommend some helpful tips …

1. Learn about the photographer’s style.

First, decide on the photographic style you like best for your event. Do you prefer an artistic or a photojournalistic style with a natural look? Or would you rather more posed, formal and traditional photos? Deciding on the style you’re looking for ensures that when you review a photographer’s profile you know what to look for. Sometimes photos that suite your style might not be in the events section so do not focus only on event photographs only.

Photographer sample

2. Get the photographer’s personality.

Your company personality needs to come through in your photos. A photographer who has a similar personality will bring this through quite naturally. Determine whether or your company’s personality and that of the photographer match. For example, a suited photographer will be a better match for a corporate event while a photographer with a funky rockstar style will see that this emotion comes through in your rock concert shots.

Photography style

3. Discuss the fine print

Asking the right questions will ensure that you do not run into hurdles during or after the photoshoot. Some of the questions you need to ask include:
– Does the photographer have a proper business license?
– What kind of equipment will they use?
– How many photographers will be in the team?
– What happens if the photographer gets sick?
– What are the copyrights and usage terms and conditions?
– Will there be a contract?
– What is the payment schedule?
– What about cancellations and refunds?
– What is the over-time policy?
– How many events does the photographer have on the same day?
– What is the delivery timeline?
– In which format will the photos/videos be delivered?

Portrait Photography

4. The photographer should ask questions too!

The right photographer should have a few questions for you. The photographer should ask you what your overall vision is for the images. The photographer should also be curious how and where you intend to use the photos so as to ensure that he delivers the kind of photos you’re looking for.
On several occasions we have had clients brief us on the kinds of photos they want but when we enquired where they wanted to use the photos we realised that the format they requested would not be suitable for the platform. A good photographer will have photographed several events to be able to offer some kind of guidance.
If you’re comfortable with all the above points and you’ve done your research, then you should feel confident in your choice of photographer.

Remember, if you need help finding an event or wedding photographer, you can reach our our team using our contact details here -

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