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When capturing great product images, we often just stick to fool proof images, and go for a totally white background, with the focus on the single product. However, there is so much more to product photography than just simple images like those. Looking around on websites and in catalogues you will notice unique product photographs, that have taken a step ahead and above the normal plain shots of the past. It is likely that the photographers who took such shots broke some rules and decided to take a risk, this is where the big advancements are made in the industry, so it is important that we don’t always stick to the norm, and we take a look at how we could get a more niche image to really depict the quality of the goods you are shooting.

High Quality Product Photography

Here are a few tips for carrying out high standard product photography:

1. Interesting Background
Step away from the standard plain white back drop and take the product outside or elsewhere. By Placing the product in an unexpected place or location, we can not only make the product look more attractive, but we can make it appear more memorable. The view will not only notice the product but will be interested in having a good look at the background of the image, giving your shot more viewing time and recognition.

2. Reflected Surfaces
Using reflection techniques can make an otherwise boring photo look unique and eye catching. This can be done with mirrors, reflective gloss surfaces or even using water. Reflection shows the bare details of a product from two different angles within one photograph.

3. Unique Stands
Try not to get stuck with using the standard image stands such as plain tables or brick walls, go for something more unique and stand your product on the top of a barrel to create a rustic and trendy look, or stand it on top of a sports car to make for a modern and suave image. If we think outside of the box when using props, then we can make our images jump outside of the box and give them that unique factor.

4. Personality
When taking photographs of products, it is paramount to speak to the client and find out the true personality of their business and product, which gives you the chance to display the product in a way that reflects them. By humanising the products, and creating a story within the image, it can add a huge amount of character and give your client the brand awareness and memorability that it deserves, which will also raise your reputation as a high standard and unique photographer that takes risks and steps ahead of competitors.

5.Creative Use
Look at the product in front of you and try and think of as many uses as possible for that product. It is normal that we only think and focus on the standard uses and try to photograph the item being used in the most common way, however thinking of the less likely uses and displaying these on an image can really grab the attention of the viewers. Plan a unique product photo shoot in your mind, write it down on paper and then act it out, making for some one-off images that may never have been though of or shot by any other product photographers.

6.Macro Shots
When we shoot a product for advertisement purposes, it is likely that the client will want a series of photos to display in a magazine or on a website.Macro shots are ideal to capture the smallest of detail and bring it to the forefront of the viewers eye and mind. We should always make sure when carrying out photography of this style, that the lighting is faultless, to ensure the tiniest of details can be seen.

7.Less Common Angles
Most often when shooting a product for a client, you will go for an eye level straight on shot, however to make the image stand out from the rest, you may want to consider shooting from a variety of different angles and checking out which depicts your product to the highest standard. This is quite a particularskill and you may need to take some time practicing, because we can easily distort a product by getting the wrong angle. Be careful when doing this but it is worth a try for possible enhancement of the overall product images.

8. Hang Products
It is becoming more common for modern and classy products to be shot whilst hanging up rather than placed on a surface, this gives a unique edge to the image and makes it stand out from the norm. When doing this make sure your lighting is perfect and be prepared to take a lot more photos than is necessary to fully appreciate where the best angle might be for shooting the hanging product.

9. Invest in a Tripod
A tripod can make for stable, consistent and focussed images always. A definite worthwhile investment to make if product photography is going to be a more regular thing for you, ensuring you never end a shoot with a variety of blurry images.

In conclusion, product photographyis an essential part of advertising to display products in an attractive way and entice buyers. If you want to impress your clients with your photography skills, be prepared to think outside of the box and always make sure to provide professional images with a unique edge to them.
Have some more tips we might have missed out on? Add them in the comments sections and let’s talk.

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