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In the era where we take more photographs of ourselves than we do of others, it can be said that we would all love to know more details about how to achieve that perfect selfie. The front cameras on most mobile phones are used over 50% more than the back cameras. Most people will take between 20-25 shots before they achieve a selfie that they approve of and deem to be social media worthy. If you want to boost your selfie game to the next level, then we have a few tips that you may want to consider next time you are trying to achieve the perfect shot:

1. Smile
This may seem like a pretty obvious tip to give but we as humans naturally avoid smiling in photographs these days and we go for the serious look or the candid natural pose where by we look in another direction. Nothing compares to a lovely big smile. If needed, practice your own smile in front of a mirror until you find something you are comfortable with, or think up funny thoughts and make yourself giggle, natural smiles are the most attractive feature any human can wear.

2. Use Your Angles
Never take a selfie from underneath unless you want to look 10 times bigger than you are. The best selfies are those taken from slightly above looking down on yourself, you could even use a selfie stick to help you with this. Its important to be aware of your own unique best angle, as everybody has a preferred side, then take the photo to reflect that. It is advised that we don’t take selfies head on like a passport photo or a mugshot as these do not really flatter anybody, so always look slightly to one side to show off your best angles.

3. Correct Lighting
In the world of photography, whether we are shooting action shots, archaeology, scenery, portrait, products or simply ourselves using selfie mode, lighting really is everything. Natural light will enhance your image far more than any beauty product ever could. If you are inside, turn to a big bright window and let the light cover your face, or even better go outside if the weather is bright and notice how this natural light improves your reflection tenfold. If you want to take things even further, some selfie professionals hold white paper underneath their chin to create an all-round glow and reduce any double-chin effects.

4. Avoid Shadows
Following on slightly from the above point, never take a selfie where a shadow may fall on you. Shadows can make your skin look dull and add to dark circles underneath your eyes. The can also reduce the natural shine and glow of your hair. Look around the room and notice where shadows fall, avoid taking selfies in those spots.

5. Use the Flash When Needed
Even when there is no natural light, we are lucky enough that modern technology has advanced to a stage where even front facing cameras have a flash feature. If you are in a nightclub or a bar with friends, or simply at home in the evening on your sofa, you can now use your selfie camera with the addition of a flash of white light on the screen, enabling you to achieve good selfies even in the darkness. Not only this but you can then add to the selfie by using brightening functions to boost the overall glow.

6. Filters
It can be said that these days, selfie function on mobile phones is so advanced that we may not recognise somebody in real life anymore! I particularly like the Mayfair filter on Instagram to give a summer glow, but there are many other filters to add the effect you are looking for, not only on Instagram but on snapchat, facebook, and many phones own camera programmes now. If you don’t like the blemishes on your skin, your hormones are playing up and you are suffering from spot problems, you can use your phones features to remove anything you don’t like, making for a clear selfie that you can feel confident about.

7. Don’t Over Edit
Whilst filters can be excellent for removing those small discrepancies or altering the lighting to a preferable level, it is important not to over edit and take away the personalisation of the photograph. If people don’t recognise us from our selfies, then something has gone wrong somewhere. Aim for a selfie that shows the best of what you are, not one that makes you into somebody totally different. Highlight the unique angles and tones of your face, don’t rely on an app to cut away part of your face changing the shape totally and making your skin tone totally different from your own. Be careful not to fall in this trap!

8. Check the Background
Nobody wants to a selfie with your washing load piled up in the background! Always be mindful of what is behind you and try and go for a plain and clear back drop to really highlight the beauty of your own face.

9. Don’t Overthink, Stay Natural
Perhaps most important of all, do not put too much stress on yourself to create the perfect selfie. Stay as natural as possible as that maintains the unique image of your true beauty. If we all take selfies with the well known ‘duck lips’ pose and edit the colouring excessively, that takes away the individuality of us as humans. It is easy to see when a selfie has been forced, compared to when there is true happiness and joy within the picture. Remember to keep it fun and keep it real always!

Have some more tips we might have missed out on? Add them in the comments sections and let’s talk.

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